The First And Second Day

23 Dec

Everybody has to start somewhere…


A few days ago, on December 20th, Don and I came slowly manhandling a shaky U-Haul truck into a driveway in a small, gorgeous little town in western North Carolina. It was well into the middle of the night, and we were the sort of exhausted that what turned out to be a nine month camping trip through various short term rentals and three failed attempts to buy other properties can leave you. It was well worth it, the first glimpse of our new house made all the stress, worry, and fears fade away, and when I’m not in the middle of unpacking I’m gonna rave about how much I adore this house and how perfect it is for us. Well, and once the plumbing is fixed, the mud flushes out of the lines, and the 70’s era peeling décor is changed. That night we didn’t bother unpacking a thing, we just dragged the mattress inside, flopped it down in the living room by the fireplace, got a few logs lit and smoldering, and promptly fell to snoozing.

The next morning we braved what had become some seriously nippy weather, unloading the truck (which is when we realized we had left the moving dolly back at the rental house!) as quickly as we could, and standing around in amazement as a few snowflakes flurried down to greet us and welcome us! Snow ain’t for everybody, but it felt like a blessing and the perfect gift for two people who have been stuck in Florida for six years and not liking it there one bit.

More tomorrow, the fire is starting to burn low and I need to get to snoozing for all the work that needs to be done!



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