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I've Found My New Favorite Ad Campaign

From I Can Haz Cheezburger

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Nonessential Post Type THing

Learned to chop down a tree with a hand axe today, it was only three inches around but it was awfully tall! Also learned to use a reciprocating saw and bought a chainsaw, marked off the fence line with twine for the goats, and there was laundry in there somewhere. This is one of those too tired to write anything worth reading but promised I’d try to write every day posts. Feel free to forget it ever happened?



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She lives for the photobomb…


…and to take up all the space.


Nose always in everything…


… I love my Hazel-face.

The Hazel-Face

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Tiny Tails

550190_10200600000945360_109733809_n It was so hard to put her down, to hand her back to her Momma. Two days  old and so tiny, her and two other sweet little doe kids that were born just yesterday are gonna start our little farm out right. Yesterday it was just dreaming, but today… today I held this tiny little girl in my arms, staring down at her as she tucked her nose in my jacket and fell asleep, and suddenly there was so much to do! The fence needs building, the barn needs cleaning and whitewashing, there’s hay and straw to buy, feed buckets and water troughs, and so much more! This two day old bundle of adorable is giving me seven weeks to make her home safe and secure and just right, and then the three of them are gonna turn this piece of land into an honest to goodness little farm. I own goats! Real live goats! I have bits of straw stuck to my boots and all over my jacket, the dogs have been sniffing at me all night trying to solve the mystery, and I can’t stop beaming!



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